Design Process

We understand that our clients may not desire our involvement in every stage of the design and construction process, so we are fairly flexible when it comes to working with our clients. However, if you desire, we can guide you through all phases of the design process.

Zoning Review
We provide a though review of zoning regulations regarding setbacks, septic requirements, Conservation Commission and Overlay District issues. We coordinate the zoning review with the site engineering plans. We contact the civil engineers responsible for the septic design and review the site plan they produced. The civil engineer shall represent the client at the Board of Heath, Conservation Commission and Zoning Board of Appeals.

Existing Conditions Survey
We review all provided drawings of the existing structure and determine the extent of any additional surveying services required. We will draw the existing conditions of the entire structure. Documentation shall include a foundation plan, floor plan, elevations and sections as required.

Phase One: Master Plan/ Schematic Design:
Through conversations, we learn the clients’ preferences, needs and expectations and develop an outline of a program which defines the initial goals of the project. This will be reviewed and approved by the owner. We work together with our client to choose a proper building site. Based upon the approved Program and the site plan; we prepare design options and sketches for the client to review and comment on. We revise the plans to address the client’s comments and arrive at an appropriate Schematic Design. The design shall be presented with drawings including sections, plans, elevations and a preliminary outline specification.

Phase Two: Design Development/ Construction Documents:
Based upon the approved schematic design; we develop the design in greater detail, further exploring materials, dimensions and spatial relationships. We prepare the drawings needed for bidding and construction. We involve builders at this stage and the drawings are submitted to them for final pricing and construction.

Phase Three: Bidding, Negotiation and Contractor Selection
We prepare an invitation to bid with required submission dates and instructions to bidders.
We will recommend and interview appropriate contractors with the client. Once a builder is selected, we work with them to establish a final cost for the project.

Phase Four: Construction Administration
We document and communicate with the client the progress of the work. Through scheduled job meetings and site visits, we facilitate communication between the builder and the client, answering questions and reviewing paperwork. We discuss possible changes and improvements to the buildings design with the client to ensure their satisfaction upon the projects completion. We process request for payment from the contractor. Develop punch list required for final project close out.

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